Playing with Proprioception

We all have yoga poses that challenge us a bit more than others. For me, it is virabhadrasana I. The pose sometimes feels like a struggle to me, like my mind gets in the way of what my body wants to do. I second guess myself and struggle with alignment. Entering the pose is almost […]

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The Lagom Lens: A Framework the Enhance Happiness and Balance

Different ways of thinking provide various frameworks to promote wellness. The many forms of yoga, mindfulness and Qigong are great examples, and these wellness frameworks often overlap. They often share the primary goals of finding balance in your life, releasing negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and showing kindness toward yourself and others. I recently read […]

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Sitting Sucks. Yoga Can Help.

How many hours do you sit in a day? What effect does this have on your body? On your mind? We sit. We sit a lot. People sit for work, on a drive to work, during lunch, during meetings, coffee out with friends. This sedentary posture is so common that many people schedule in their […]

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