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Interested in yoga? You’ve come to the right place! Below is a brief compilation of yoga resources. Every yoga practice is personal and requires you to explore, discover and learn. Start by exploring below to broaden your concept of yoga, your practice and where your practice can lead you!

  • Yoga with Adriene : Yoga with Adriene is a great place for beginners & advanced yogis! Her teaching style is quirky, relatable and straightforward. She has multiple classes available on YouTube, including some great beginner classes that break down each pose, and 30-day classes that help jumpstart your practice. Check her out!


  • Yoga with Kassandra: Yoga with Kassandra is another great online teacher. She is clear, straightforward and has yoga sequences that make you feel great. She specializes in Yin yoga, which is a bit slower and focuses on stimulating your joints and ligaments. She has YouTube videos for all levels, and is another great teacher to explore and expand your practice with.


  • DoYouYoga: This a great site to explore many yoga teachers, styles and yoga articles! Take a peak if you feel like doing real exploring, whether it be trying out new styles, teachers or ideas regarding yoga.


  • YogaBuzz: YogaBuzz is a hometown hero in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. At the moment, they do not offer online classes, but they continue to challenge the “norm” of yoga and hold great events anywhere from breweries to theaters. Check them out for inspiration!


  • Africa Yoga Project: Based in Nairobi, Kenya, this project focuses on community development through yoga. It offers a great model for what yoga can do for people and communities.You are even able to sponsor yoga teachers and help them get though yoga training school. Give a gander to see what they are up to!


  • YogaTrail: If you are interested in finding local teachers, this site is a great place to start. You are able to search for and connect with teachers and see what is happening in your local community.


  • Do Yoga With Me: This is another great resource for exploring a plethora of yoga videos and styles. Find what you like, what feels right and expand your practice here!
  • Meditation: Are you interested in meditating? Explore how to set up your perfect meditation spot in your own home.


  • Interactive Introduction to Anthropology: Okay, you got me. This isn’t technically about yoga. This is my online course about anthropology, which is the study of humans, past and present. Yoga occurs off the mat as well as on it- better yourself and your understanding of people by taking this course!


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