The Power of Karma Yoga

In 2016, I had the privilege of spending two weeks at a Sivananda yoga ashram in Western Australia. Although everyone who entered the ashram were initially strangers, we quickly formed a tight knit community based around morning meditations, shared meals and through daily karma yoga, or volunteering freely and without expectations. We were assigned daily […]

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Playing with Proprioception

We all have yoga poses that challenge us a bit more than others. For me, it is virabhadrasana I. The pose sometimes feels like a struggle to me, like my mind gets in the way of what my body wants to do. I second guess myself and struggle with alignment. Entering the pose is almost […]

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Mastering Mantras

Mantras, or repeated phrases or words, are a great way to focus the mind and calm the sympathetic nervous system. They are often utilized in meditation practices, though can be inserted into yoga practices as well. Some mantras are ancient, such as the prolific mantra Om. Others can be generated based on what you need […]

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Change Your Focus for the New Year

Okay, I’ve admittedly been on the New Year resolution, change your life, goal setting bandwagon. What the hell is a yogi doing there anyway? First, let’s start with why yoga and goal setting, sometimes even self-help, are often lumped together. Let me be very clear here: yoga will not solve all of our problems. What […]

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