DIY Yoga Ornaments!

'Tis the season to start feeling festive, and for me, that usually translates to doing something crafty. When I was little, my mom would help us make salt dough ornaments . The texture of the dough is similar to play dough, and easily malleable to form a variety of shapes. Salt dough in incredible versatile- you … Continue reading DIY Yoga Ornaments!

Exploring the Five Koshas

Kosha translates to “layer”, and according to yogic philosophy, we are comprised of five layers working together to make up our being. The concept of koshas has improved my yoga practice, as not only look at my physical and mental wellbeing, but the wellbeing of each of the layers. Thinking of the body in five … Continue reading Exploring the Five Koshas

What Type of Meditation is Best for You?

Meditation is a word that you may hear used often, but may not be clear on what it really means. Is it sitting silently? Being mindful of the way you walk? Shifting your focus to deepening your breath? It is actually all of these things, and different techniques may work better than others for different … Continue reading What Type of Meditation is Best for You?

Exploring Sadhaka & Badhaka Tattva

In Hatha yoga, the sadhaka and badhaka tattva lay out specific sets of rules to advance your yoga practice. Basically, they tell you how to be successful (sadhaka) or how to fail (badhaka) in your yoga path. In Sanskrit, sadhaka means a person who follows a sadhana, which is basically a way of life. Tattva … Continue reading Exploring Sadhaka & Badhaka Tattva

The Lagom Lens: A Framework the Enhance Happiness and Balance

Different ways of thinking provide various frameworks to promote wellness. The many forms of yoga, mindfulness and Qigong are great examples, and these wellness frameworks often overlap. They often share the primary goals of finding balance in your life, releasing negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and showing kindness toward yourself and others. I recently read … Continue reading The Lagom Lens: A Framework the Enhance Happiness and Balance

Why is Pigeon Pose so Awesome?

Before a yoga class begins, I like to ask students what they would like to focus on. Over half of the time, students shout out “hips”! Some even specifically request the most well known hip-opener: pigeon pose. As ubiquitous as the bird it shares a name with, this pose is a great hip opener and … Continue reading Why is Pigeon Pose so Awesome?

I Tried Goat Yoga. This is What I Think.

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to do goat yoga, which is quite literally yoga with goats around you. Before taking the class, I was skeptical of this trend. It seemed really gimmicky, kind of fun, but at what cost? Was it harming the goats or the traditions of yoga? … Continue reading I Tried Goat Yoga. This is What I Think.