AnthroYoga is an online platform to explore, discover and empower yogis from the novice beginner to the seasoned instructor. I believe that yoga can make a difference on personal, social and environmental levels. Your voice is respected and needed here.

The mission of AnthroYoga is to:

  • provide a platform for an environmental & social conscientious ┬ácommunity to connect and share with one another through yoga.
  • promote personal exploration, discover and empowerment through yoga.
  • allow yoga to inspire change (big or small).

The name “AnthroYoga” is derived from the prefix anthro (human) and yoga (union, to yolk). As both an anthropologist and a yoga instructor, I wanted to combine my two passions. Yoga makes things better. Regular practice makes your body, mind and overall life just……. better! And when people feel better, great things happen. Let’s feel good and make good things happen- for yourself, your community and the environment we all live in.